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Hi, I’m Beth Prasad. I'm a Real Estate Agent who specializes in helping first time buyers purchase in Colorado without breaking their budget.  Let me show you how!

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to your new home! Sounds cute, but you're probably doubting - is it really possible to buy my first home in this market? And can I afford it without sacrificing the fun and social things I enjoy?

If you are paying rent, most likely you can buy your first home, no matter what the market is doing. Even if you have student loan debt, even if you don’t think you are making enough money, even if you don’t have a big downpayment. There are great first-time buyer programs available to make your first home more affordable.  I help you see the potential, find the right programs and plan, and then get the right team together to make it a reality.

Beth Prasad, Your Go-To Resource For Making Your Home Dreams Come True in Denver & Northern Colorado

I'm excited to show you how to buy your first home, in your budget, without all the worry or surprises. When I bought my first home, I was so confused through the whole process, like I was figuring everything out as we went. I didn't have good representation, I had no idea what to budget for and had a lot of surprise payments. And when the home wasn't completed on time and my apartment lease was up, I ended up living in a hotel for three weeks with a Great Dane and two cats. It was horrible! And expensive.

So What's The Plan, Stan?

In 2017 when I started my career in real estate, I knew that I wanted to help first time home buyers feel confident through the process, so they didn't feel lost and alone like I did. It doesn't have to be scary! My mission isn't to just sell you a house, it's to educate you in the process so you can make the best decisions.

Having an organized and prepared Real Estate Agent on your side is not just valuable, but necessary. What you want in your next phase of life IS possible and your home is a huge part of that. My process starts by asking you honest questions about YOURSELF and what you want your life to look like. I am here to help you create the life you want!

Here's How

It’s time to build wealth by owning a home, making payments toward your own investment instead of a landlord's. Whether you want a cute condo downtown close to your favorite coffee shop (or brewery, as we do love those in Colorado) or you're ready to get out of the hustle and bustle and need more space to grow, whatever your future plans and whatever is it you need in your next phase of life, it is possible.  It all comes down to planning to make sure everything happens at the right time, in the right order.  

Admittedly, I'm a little bit of a planner - ok, a lot bit. I'm passionate about checklists, systems, and all things organization. Working with me you'll get a proven plan with clear systems and easy to follow steps, and you'll always know exactly where you are in the process and what's coming next. 

What my clients say about me

“Beth is, hands down, the person you want as your Realtor.

" She was patient, proactive, and extremely responsive when we had even the simplest question.
She helped us negotiate, was knowledgeable and straight forward, kept us on track, and fought to make sure we got what was fair and reasonable.”

—Steve & Kristen

Let Me Show You How You Can Do This Too!

I like to hear from my clients who want to buy several months before they are ready to start looking at homes, so if you are even just thinking about things, reach out to me! I won’t try to convince you to move any faster than you want and makes sense for your life and goals. We’ll explore all the options together so you can make a clear and definitive choice that is best for you right now.  I want to hear your short & long term financial goals so that when you're ready, you have everything set to go and you know exactly what needs to be done when. Don't be shy, schedule your free initial consultation below. I would love to meet with you to talk about your specific situation to see what is possible for you!

Then We Make Sure You Become The Best Homeowner Possible

My clients know me as their go-to resource for all things real estate. I don't disappear when the keys are handed over - once you're settled into your new home, I will help you stay on top of taking care of your biggest investment.  Each week, I send valuable information to your inbox - like ideas on how to lower your homeowners insurance bill, what items to put on your yearly home maintenance checklist, and other helpful information on being a responsible homeowner. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to your new home?

I can't wait to hear from you! Book a free consultation using the link below. 

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